about the title exchange

Founded in 2022, The Title Exchange is a title insurance company and settlement agency serving a wide range of residential and commercial real estate professionals. Our shareholders include real estate agents, brokers, builders, and developers – a multidisciplinary combination that has contributed to our success. By drawing on the extensive experience and backgrounds of our shareholders, we're better positioned to serve a wide variety of real estate clients, including homeowners, brokers, agents, lenders, investors, attorneys, builders, and developers.


At The Title Exchange, our mission is to redefine the title insurance and settlement industry by working in partnership with a diverse range of real estate professionals to deliver a personalized title experience that simplifies the real estate settlement process, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and ensures transaction security.

our staff

Our team of experienced real estate professionals is dedicated to ensuring that our clients leave real estate transactions feeling heard and confident in their choices. Please continue reading to learn more about each member of our team.
Cindy Budiac

Director of Operations

(920) 716-1074
Cindy Budiac
Shelly Fruehbrodt

Escrow & Closing Director

(920) 410-7722
Shelly Fruehbrodt
Katie Christie

Jr. Searcher and Admin

(920) 364-9746
Placeholder Headshot
Michele Curry

Senior Title Examiner

(920) 251-6521
Placeholder Headshot